Buffalo Chicken Pickle Bites

Buffalo Chicken Pickle Bites

We have gotten quite creative around here when it comes to meals if you haven't noticed. Since switching from the Courtyard Marriott to the Residence Inn Marriott and finally having a kitchen, we are lucky enough to be within walking distance (not even kidding) of a Sam's Club and a Walmart! Not that it really matters since have 2 cars, but it's pretty nice that we don't have to venture out too far in this 5 degree weather.

Anyways, we have a kitchen - a very small kitchen - with a stovetop, fridge and microwave, but no oven so we are a little limited in that regard but at least we can cook! Unfortunately, most our meal times are quick and sporadic because we work opposite hours (I work 8am - 5pm and Chance works 6pm - 3am) so we don't cook big meals since we generally are each cookin for one or we end up eating snacks because it's much easier. That said, we are big fans of getting our protein and staying healthy so Chance is usually making interesting snack combinations and I wanted to share my favorite one that he has been making for me this week: Buffalo Chicken Pickle Bites!

It may sound like an odd combination, but you like saltier snacks and pickles then this is definitely for you! It is super simple to make and you can use any crackers and mix uo the deli meat if you wish. Scroll down for the recipe! 


• 1 Package of Buffalo Chicken deli meat (we get ours from Sam's Club)
• 1 large whole pickle, sliced in half
Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers

1. Slice your deli meat into small pieces to fit on top of the crackers. Slice your whole pickle into 2 halves and then divide each half into half and create small pickle chunks.

2. Lay your crackers onto a plate and top with the deli meat followed by a pickle. You can also add your favorite hot sauce or seasoning, such as Slap Ya Mamma or Pica de Gallo Limon, for extra flavor!

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