Why You Shouldn't Buy Your Appliances Directly From Samsung

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**CONSUMER ALERT** I never post reviews like this, but wow, I don't remember the last time I was so exhausted I could hardly think by 6pm. I spent 6 hours today installing appliances - including basically taking apart the entire range and converting it with orifices...yes, orifices...who even knows what those are unless you do this for a living.

I was very excited and please with my big appliance purchase from Samsung's mobile app because they were very friendly when I spoke to them on the phone after I placed the order and they even had the delivery scheduled in less than a week - it seemed to good to be true, and trust me IT WAS. Let me be clear, Samsung's appliances are super nice and flashy, but NEVER and I repeat NEVER order any of their products directly from their website, mobile app, etc.!!!!! I'd heard horror stories from my best friend and co-worker, but lighting can't strike three times right?? WRONG, ohhh man was I wrong. Let's begin...

Several years ago, my very good friend and co-worker told me the story about how he purchased a Samsung TV from their website on Black Friday and when it arrived the screen was broken and it didn't work. He called customer support, but to his surprise they were useless and made it extremely difficult to return the item - SO extremely difficult that he ended up having to go through his credit card company to get a refund since Samsung refused to return the product - FYI this is because they use third-party shipping companies to deliver everything, which is a HUGE catastrophe...don't worry, if you aren't sold on their terrible customer service yet, it gets better.

About 3 years ago, my best friend ordered a TV from Samsung's website and guess what, they lost it! She too called their customer support and found them to be equally useless and they once again made it extremely difficult for her to get a refund or even a new TV shipped so she too had to go through her credit card company.

Fast forward to a few days ago. Samsung scheduled my delivery, they even emailed a checklist - YES, they emailed me a checklist that states, and I quote, "Our team will not leave until we've installed and tested each appliance. So, the delivery dudes show up and to my surprise, they tell me they can't disconnect my stuff and even if it I already had it disconnected, they wouldn't even install the appliances because they aren't licensed! EXCUSE ME?????? I'm sorry, do you think I know how to hook up my gas range and dishwasher??? I'm not a plumber nor do I know anything about how to hook up my gas range, which is why I carefully followed the checklist to make sure everything was in place and ready so YOU could take care of this for me...I mean Samsung appliances ARE NOT CHEAP, but they can't even help their customers out by ensuring they hire licensed professionals to install their appliances?? What a freaking joke.

I won't continue to keep ranting, but needless to say, it took us 6+ hours to install everything including multiple trips to Lowe's and YouTube tutorials. You can see below where we began installing everything, where I had to take a photo of the old range piece in order to have Lowe's provide me with new pieces for the range and at the very bottom, other pissed off people who have tried to order through Samsung. Someone needs to get in touch with them and inform them of their AWFUL customer service.

Rant over. Highly recommend going to Lowe's or Home Depot or anywhere else if you want Samsung appliances.