Hotel Life: Pt. 2


After this morning, I am really over living in a hotel. The fire alarm at our Residence Inn went off TWICE - once at 3 am and then again at 4 am. Not to mention Chance works all night so I had to wrangle Winston by myself twice, who was NOT happy about the alarm and peed all over the floor (sigh). Afterwards, I wasn't sure if I should just grab a coffee and stay awake or go back to sleep, but now it's a little past 5 am already as I write this.

That whole mess got me thinking about how slow I was scrambling to get out of the building so thank god there wasn't a real threat.  

Anyways, let's do a little recap of what we have been up too since the last Hotel Life post!  

1.) It has snowed almost every day, except this week

2.) I traveled to California for work

3.) Chance's parents came to visit  

4.) Orange County officially has the best HomeGoods and T.J. Maxx I have ever seen

5.) We finished all the paperwork for our house and should be closing any day now (THANK GOD!)   

6.) Brie and wine are life (thank you Sam's Club) 

And now for a visual account of the adventures we have had this month so far, as well as the first picture of our new home during one of the snowfalls! I like to drive by our house a few times a week because it honestly just makes me a happier person so I snapped this pic as I passed by one day, #SorryNotSorry.


Hotel Life: Pt. One

Hotel Life: Pt. One

So, Chance and I have been living out of hotel for 29 days - the entire month of December - and it is exhausting. As I write this post, I'm currently eating microwavable meatloaf that I bought from the Residence Inn market and laying in bed recovering from the flu with Winston by my feet. 

Many of you are probably wondering why we're living out of a hotel so I decided to dedicate an entire post to a life update for y’all. Chance was offered an incredible opportunity to relocate to New York with his current company to manage a new distribution center in Orange County and being the somewhat spontaneous couple that we are, we jumped on board and went for it. The rest of the story will help tie in our blog name, Chaos With Coffee, because our lives are quite literally filled with chaos and fueled by coffee.

With very little lead time, we had to act fast and essentially pack up the necessities and move up north from Virginia right after Thanksgiving. The crazier part is that Chance actually left for Dallas the Sunday after Thanksgiving (11/26) and when he landed back in Virginia at midnight on Friday, December 1, I was waiting for him at the airport with a car full of clothes and caffeine so we could drive straight through the night to New York because he agreed to work that afternoon! Yes, we are crazy. We arrived at our hotel around 8am and I’m not even sure if we slept that day because our internal clocks were so out of whack.

Fast forward 29 days, 2 hotels and 1 dog later and here we are in Fishkill, NY waiting to close on our house - the countdown has officially begun! Although, we still have a month to go so we've only just reach the halfway point of our hotel stay. Stay tuned for more craziness and updates on this crazy adventure we call life.

New Paltz, NY
Montgomery, NY
Hotel Life: Pt. One
Hotel Life: Pt. One