Our One Year "Housiversary"


Oh my gosh you all! I cannot believe it’s been one year since we moved into our home! It seriously flew by, probably because we HAD SO MUCH going on with moving across states, renovating, work and getting settled in. It’s been a crazy, wild, exhausting, AMAZING year and I couldn’t be more happy with where Chance and I are in the progress we’ve made on our home and in our life together.

We’ve definitely faced our fair share of the “good, bad and ugly” but I think we’ve actually been pretty lucky because I’ve heard some first-time homebuyers horror stories and we’ve got nothing on those! However, I did want to share everything we’ve experienced because you only see what’s on Instagram, but I want you to know things are never perfect and we have learned so much.

The Ugly

1. Check your oil levels - Regardless of what anyone tells you at closing, always check the oil level if your house is heated by oil. The previous homeowners told us we didn’t need to compensate them for the remaining oil, but that we’d likely want to get it filled up soon - you would think this meant we had (at the very least) a few days of oil to get us through. We were wrong. They literally left us a drop of oil. We moved in February 9 on a very snowy day so it was freezing cold! We woke up in the morning to freezing temps inside our house, plus the hot water is heated by oil too so that meant we couldn’t even take a hot shower!

Day 1 and the previous homeowners (who knew we were a young couple moving from Virginia) left us completely helpless. Luckily, our realtor’s son delivers oil for a living and was able to make a emergency delivery that night, but his truck couldn’t get down the driveway so Chance had to get out there and hand shovel the entire driveway, which nearly a quarter mile!

2. Know where your pipes are located - In our downstairs bathroom, we discovered that the pipes aren’t in the basement like everything else. They are actually located in a crawlspace in the garage, which had NO INSULATION. Therefore, during the polar vortex of 2019, the pipes completely froze and broke, which is why we now how to remodel the bathroom - but I’m staying positive because was hideous anyways.

The Bad

1. Ask For A Written List of All The Utilities - We had no clue our house used propane for the dryer and stove so about 3 months into living in our house we received a notification that the propane had been shut-off for non-payment. The previous homeowners forgot to mention we needed to set up an account with the propane company, so while less annoying than the oil issue, it was still something I wish I had triple confirmed at closing.

2. Previous Homeowners Will Leave Junk - We didn’t get too unlucky here, but the previous homeowners left all of their window dressings (even though in the contract we specifically asked them to remove). This was more an annoyance than anything because I had unscrew, patch and paint over every damn window in the house. Not only that, but they had made their own window valances out of wood and drilled them into the freaking ceiling!!! To make matters worse, he used about 3 different type of screws so I had to change out the drill bit almost every time I unscrewed something. Very annoying, but be prepared. They also left all of their old hangers (gross) and junk in the garage and barn.

3. The majority of your toilets may need to be replaced - Our toilets are all at least 15 years old and the previous owners didn’t opt for quality brands. We quickly had to replace the downstairs toilet and already know we need to change the upstairs guest toilet fairly soon before it gets too bad.

The Good

1. The space - Every room in our house is the perfect size. Not too big, but not too small and shaped perfectly for the furniture I had been eyeing.

2. The yard - The previous owners hadn’t done much landscaping at all thank goodness because the little that they did was pretty rough. I was able to completely transform the front flower beds with what we wanted. Although we still have a lot of work to do in this area, I’m thankful we have a big project on our hands for the yard when we moved in.

3. Location. Location. Location. - We couldn’t have picked a better area to live in! We have the absolute BEST neighbors. We aren’t in a neighborhood, which I love, but we are on a state road, which means our road is always the first to be plowed when it snows. Plus, we are less than 5 miles away from Chances work! We are central to everything we need (less than 10 minutes into town), in yet we have that “middle of nowhere” vibe.

4. We literally love everything about our home - I know I listed out some of the good and some of the bad, but seriously we freaking love our home. We’ve changed a lot to cater to our tastes so far and we still have a long way to go, but I’m excited to share some of the transformations below! Hopefully, by this time next year, we’ll have even more updates to share!

The Renovations