Simple Kitchen Organization Hacks

Simple Kitchen Organization Hacks vis Chaos With Coffee

Last time my mom was visiting, she made a comment about loving the way that I organize things. I don’t think I’m doing anything special or ground breaking over here in the organization department, but I figured I would share some simple little tips (or hacks) that I used in my kitchen. Maybe you will them helpful - or at the very least enjoy some more pictures of my kitchen (haha!).

Organize Your Pantry

This is such a simple tip that can really clean up your pantry and allow you to see what’s really in there. I’m guilty of having things hidden and buying too much of something because I later realized I already that item, but it was hidden out of sight.

My pantry is nowhere near perfect, but I do have a few tips to share on how I cleaned it up a bit.

1. Use clear jars (preferably with labels) to store dry goods like flour, sugar and grains. Clear jars not only look more organized, but they also allow you to see the quantity and how much you have left.

Note: you can find cheap glass jars at yard sales and thrift stores or reuse glass jars around the house (i.e. pickle jars, etc.) You can find super cute labels at Little Label Co. here.


2. This is my favorite tip ever! I stole it from one of my favorite blogs, Clean Mama! Instead of spending a lot of money on those pretty clear cereal containers (that are also costly), file your cereal bags in a clear plastic bin. I love this tip for several reasons:

  1. It’s affordable

  2. It doesn’t matter the size of your cereal box (I always get stressed out about the plastic cereal containers because sometimes I buy the family size cereal!)

  3. It looks super cute when you have cute clips!

Pro tip: you can pick up really cheap, clear plastic containers at HomeGoods & TJ Maxx - plus they have super cute bag clips!

Note: I’ve done this for all of my “clear bag” items - cereal, crackers, pancake mix, etc. I even did it for my chips as you can see and stack them from most full to least full.


Keep A Tidy Coffee Station

We drink coffee all day, every day in this household - hence the name, Chaos With Coffee. Typically, you’ll only find a Keurig machine on the counter, but lately I’ve been drinking a lot of espresso so I’ve kept the espresso maker out too.

1. Use solid colored jars to store espresso and sugar. Unlike your pantry items, clear jars can look messy on the counter so anything you keep in plain sight should be a solid color - and these jars should be filled with something you use every day so you don’t won’t need a clear a jar to remind you of the quantity.

2. Turn those k-cups into a presentation! Under the theme of keeping your counters declutter, keep the k-cups off! I’m sorry, but I have yet to find a k-cup storage box that pleases my OCD so I stack mine in the cabinet in the shape of a pyramid - this is probably what my mom meant when she said I organize things in a unique way haha. But hey, it works! It hides those ugly k-cups but makes them look presentable and tit’s functional!

3. Place those loose drink bags in a clear jar. We all have those random tea bags or the Emergen-c packs lying around. I organize them into a clear jar so that I can throw away the cardboard box when there’s only 1-2 items left.

Note: I’m still not 100% happy with the coffee cabinet, so if anyone has suggestions let me know!! I don’t like how the tea is organized and I’m open to k-cup ideas!


Declutter The Counter

As my mother always said, everything should have a place - or a home. I was raised by a very “Marie Kondo” mother. Everything had a place and honest to god, if something wasn’t used and didn’t “bring joy” it was thrown out. My mom would clean out the clutter every season, I’m not even kidding. I hated it growing up! I hate organizing and cleaning (but look at me now, turned out to be an OCD neat freak).

My mom knew we wouldn’t clean out the clutter ourselves, but she wanted a neat house at all times. I vividly remember sitting at my desk, playing on my desktop computer and my mom sitting on the floor beside me going through my stuff - she would hold up an item and say keep or trash and if I said keep to something that didn’t seem important or she felt would likely be trash soon, she’d “Marie Kondo” me and ask when was the last time I used and did I really need it and did it “bring me joy”.

I’m not kidding y’all, my mom is the original Marie Kondo! She would organize her friend’s homes all the time and she was constantly decluttering her sister’s house too. She’s the reason I can easily throw stuff away and keep a very declutter house - sometimes I think I don’t have enough stuff, but whatever.

Back to the point - keep your counters clutter free!

1. Only keep “daily use” items on the counter. We keep our espresso machine (for me) and the Keurig (for Chance) at our coffee station. The white jars between hold the ground espresso and sugar (both for me).

2. Conceal the bad and keep it functional. Winston gets dog treats all day long so I keep them concealed in a pineapple cookie jar. I strongly believe in only keeping what I call “daily use” items on the counter. If you have a cookie jar it should always have cookies in it and if doesn’t then get rid of that jar. Anyways, point is we never have cookies but we always have dog treats and I this pineapple jar serves two purpose - decor and functional daily dog treat jar.

3. Less is more. Like I said above, if you have something on the counter it should be used and if it’s not them remove it. You can still store items in a pretty way. I use a raised dish to store our fruit, but when there is some overflow I’ll place is neatly next to it. This also is a reminder for me to use what we have and not waste food.

4. Get creative. Chance eats bread every single day and I wanted a nice way to store it - I hate bread containers and I hate leaving the bag on the counter so I’ve started using a cake stand. It allows me to keep the bread out, but also keeps it fresh and it looks better than a plastic bag. In addition, it also lets me see when we’re about to run out - I don’t eat bread as often as Chance so it’s not a “daily use” item for me, but I’m the one who does the grocery shopping so I need to be able to see when we are running low.


I hope you enjoyed some of these tips! I’m no expert, but maybe you’ll find something useful out of this post or at the very least discover some new resources that I mentioned above. Let me know your feedback in the comments below :)