The 2019 Galentine's Day Gift Guide

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You may have seen the 2018 Galentine’s Gift Guide - it was a HUGE hit with you all and it still has a ton of relevant gift ideas that can be used this year - but I wanted to share an updated gift guide with some new products I absolutely love!

I’ve broken this year’s gift guide into several sections - the first portion contains some thoughtful ideas based on interest, while the second half contains gift ideas that are perfect for anyone - and still very thoughtful, but honestly when is a gift not thoughtful?

I hope you all enjoy this gift guide! Leave your feedback in the comments below :)

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1. Lightroom Presets

Is your bestie a photographer? Blogger? Maybe you just want to treat your wedding photographer to something nice this Galentine’s Day. Lightroom presets are always a good idea! Who doesn’t love some fun, already-made filters?

A Color Story has tons of gorgeous, Instagram worthy Lightroom presets available here.

A Color Story Lightroom Presets

2. Creative Online Courses

Maybe you have a Galentine who wants to learn something new or refine her skills in something? You can check out these digital courses for photography, social media, lettering and more over at Brit & Co. - see below for some fun ones!


1. How To Courses with A Beautiful Mess

These awesome online courses by the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess will teach your boss babe everything from how to start a podcast to how to build a profitable blog!

You can learn more about the courses here.

2. Social Media & Business Courses from Brit & Co.

Brit & Co. also has amazing courses to help your Galentine grow their social media courses and build their business! Check out some of the best ones below:

3. The Adulting Kit

How cute is this Adulting Kit from Pinch Provisions? Don’t worry, if you keep scrolling I’ll get much more in detail on the perfect Pinch Provisions Kits - they literally have something for everyone!

3. Doormats from Josie B.

Okay, honestly these are perfect for any Galentine, but this Slay Girl Slayy doormat just had boss babe written all over it! How cute would this be outside of your office or something? Shop here!

Slay Girl Slay Doormat via Josie B


1. Pinch Provisions Kits

You’ve probably seen me rant and rave about Pinch Provisions Kits over the years because they are AMAZING. I’ve given them as gifts and buy them for myself all the time. Most recently my aunt gave me the cutest one for Christmas this year and it reminded me how great they are for gifts.

These “minimergency” kits are super small but packed with everything you need in a “mini emergency” - such as advil, nail polish remover, breath spray, hair spray and so much more! You can buy one kit and make it last forever with their refills - pro tip: if you gifted on e last year then send your friend some refills!

They have so many new kits now that I couldn’t pick just one to share with y’all. Here are my faves:


1. A Winc Gift Box

Winc is a delivery wine service that delivers really great wine right to your door, while learning about your palette! But, did you know they have a ton of super cute gift boxes - and they are all different price ranges?

If youe Galentine loves wine, definitely take a look at these gift options - because who doesn’t love the gift of wine? You can also give them gift card if you’re unsure on what to give them.

2. Pinch Provisions Wine Kits

Yeah, Pinch Provisions literally thought of everything! Check out these super cute (and v. affordable) wine kits and minimergency add-ons they have available:

3. A Wine Aerator, Pourer & Stopper

My aunt gave me this for Christmas and it’s really cool if you drink a lot of wine like we do. It’s fun to taste test different wines with and without the aerator, plus it’s a 3-in-one with a pourer and stopper! Highly recommend for you wine friends! You can purchase the one I have right here.

Wine Aerator, Pourer, Stopper

And now for the great big gift list of things that are literally perfect for anyone and bound to not fail you if you need an idea for someone this year!

Disclaimer: A few of the links are affiliate links, which means that I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting the blog!