The Top 5 Apps To Make Your Instagram Pretty!

The Top 5 Apps To Make Your Instagram Pretty! | via Michelle Lynn Media

This post goes out to all my blogger and business friends who are struggling with the following:

  1. Instagram’s Algorithm

  2. Growing Your Social Media Accounts

  3. Maintaining An Engaged Audience

  4. And all the struggles that come with managing social media…

My Interior Design friend Cris, from Awaken Your Abode, who I have mentioned a few times on Instagram, recently introduced me to Michelle from Michelle Lynn Media - she’s a fabulous Instagram Coach so go check out her IG feed that I’ve linked.

Michelle is hosting a FREE 5-day challenge on how to create content that converts - the challenge starts Monday, January 14! You can sign up for the challenge here - it will be hosted on Facebook! All you need is 20 minutes a day for 5 days and she will teach you how to start creating content that converts followers into paying clients - or whatever your business/blog goal may be. For me, it’s creating content that converts my followers into site traffic and helps build my fan base.

Follow Michelle on Instagram here and sign up for the challenge here.

With that said, I wanted to shares some useful tips that I discovered through Michelle’s Facebook Group. She’s compiled a detailed list on the The Top 5 Apps To Make Your Instagram Pretty! I’ve used a few of them, but Michelle has several on the list that I’d never even heard of before - PLUS there are useful tips on how to use each app! I’ve already starting using some of of these to improve my Instagram Stories :)

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