How To Keep Cool & Stay On Track With Your Health Goals

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Nestle Outshine via Chaos With Coffee

If you know me, you know that I kind of have an obsession with ice cream, but Chance and I are so dedicated to staying healthy and fit this year that I’ve had to re-think the ways I incorporate frozen snacks into my diet. Not only are we dedicated to staying healthy and fit, but since moving to upstate New York back in February, you can imagine we’ve continuously had friends and family visiting at least once a month, so we’re dedicated to staying on track throughout each visit.

I thought I would share my secret weapon for staying on track, while also entertaining guests, Nestle’s OUTSHINE® and Skinny Cow® frozen snack products, which I regularly keep in stock - especially now that it’s summer!  


We’re hosting Chance’s parents this weekend for his mom’s birthday since we won’t be able to make it back down to Virginia for the river trip they planned, but I wanted to celebrate with them so we stocked up in preparation!

I love the Skinny Cow® ice cream sandwiches and always serve those as an after dinner snack because they are full of protein, irresistible and totally guilt-free! The vanilla ice cream inside is so creamy and always satisfies my sweet tooth, plus who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches - especially when they are low-fat. I’m so excited to serve them this weekend because after a long day and hitting all of our favorite restaurants, it’s the perfect finale.

Now, the OUTSHINE® Fruit Bars are something else. I don’t keep these hidden away just for after-dinner snacks. I use them in my banana smoothies as a replacement for regular ice cubes, plus they give my boring bananas a little extra sweetness and variety since I’m huge on adding peanut butter or other ingredients - remember we’re thinking light and refreshing! To be honest, even after my evening workout, when I’m all sweaty and out of breath, instead of going straight for water with no subsistence, I’ll whip out fruit bar to get some calories back into my body and help cool me off before settling into the evening.

You’ll regularly find Winston and I sitting on the front porch after a long day cooling off with a refreshing fruit bar. Even though I work from home, it’s challenging getting him outside to run through all of his energy, so each evening we’ll sit outside and cool off OUTSHINE® as a healthy snack and toss the ball around before heading in for the night.

You can find OUTSHINE® and Skinny Cow® at your local Hannaford’s grocery store - FYI if you’re in Orange County there’s one in Middletown! Enjoy these refreshing frozen snacks and stick to your goals! 

#AnIceCreamForThat !