My First Meal Prep: Beginner's Guide to Meal Prepping

meal prep via chaos with coffee
meal prep via chaos with coffee

Most of you saw on my Instagram that we're trying out the whole meal prep thing and I am honestly SUPER EXCITED about it. Chance and I are both really into health and fitness, but honestly him way more than me. WAY back in college when I was running 4-5 miles a day I was really into health and fitness, but then I got really sick and lost my motivation, then life got super busy (I know that's a terrible excuse) so it wasn't until last summer that I started getting back into a "beginner's" workout routine and exercising more regularly. Now that we're more settled into our new home and have obtained workout equipment it feels like we are starting to finally make progress instead of just maintaining so I thought I would share our journey and maybe some of you will get some inspiration out of it or provide some motivation!

Again, this is my FIRST TIME doing a weekly meal prep so feel free to provide feedback, but just keep that in mind because I am learning as I do. Since Chance works Sunday - Thursday, my meal preps will be every Saturday vs. Sunday like most people, but here are the meals and variations I went with this week.



Italian Chicken
I used boneless chicken breasts and rubbed them with Mrs. Dash Italian Seasoning and then added them to a saucepan with Olive Garden Salad Dressing. I cooked thoroughly on each side with the lid on.

Old Bay Shrimp
I just used a bag of pre-cooked frozen shrimp, thawed if partially and then placed it into a large saucepan with 1/2 cup of old bay and let it cook like a shrimp boil.



This week I went with what was in the pantry: black beans and chickpeas! 



Riced Italian Garlic Broccoli
I used a really large bag of broccoli from Sam's Club and chopped it in the food processor in small batches. Then, again in small batches, I sauteed over medium-low heat with some water, Mrs. Dash Italian Seasoning and garlic until it was cooked to my liking.


I only made 6 meals because I didn't order enough tupperware apparently so I'll be doing another meal prep Monday or Tuesday most likely when the rest arrives! Let me know what your favorite meal prep meals are in the comments below or if you have any questions/feedback! Thanks!