The BEST Candle Brand You've Never Heard Of


Move over Yankee Candle, there's a new, long-lasting candle brand in town - Jaded Candle. Rarely, do I write posts about one item that I am obsessing over, but this is just too good not to share with you all. I absolutely love candles and filling my home with fresh scents, but we all know most candles have a short life, right? If you're like me, you purchase 99% of your candles at HomeGoods because 1.) you can find great deals on long-lasting Yankee Candles and 2.) you can find great smelling candles for super cheap and be totally fine knowing they will probably only last a few hours. 

My candles don't last long because I like to leave them burning overnight or all during the day so my house smells good at any given time. I typically try to only buy the Yankees Candles because they last so long, but sometimes they don't have the best selection of scents at HomeGoods so I have to opt for the shorter burning candles. When I heard about Jaded Candles I was skeptical, not because of the scents, but because I assumed it probably had a short shelf life like most brands - I was wrong. 


First, I was impressed at the power of the scent since some candles barely emit a smell, but my homemade soy Jaded Candle emitted a perfect lavender cucumber scent. I was impressed just by that, but what really sold me on the brand was when I left the candle burning overnight.

When I woke up, I checked the candle assuming it was probably almost spent, but it didn't even burn through half of the wax! That's when I knew this was my new favorite candle company I had to spread the word to my fellow candle lovers! You have to try these!

The company has a really cool story too, founded and operated by a single mom out of Beaverton, Oregon. You can read more about Saida here on Jaded Candle's website.

About Jaded Candle
Handmade Scented Soy Candles enrich your house with exquisite aromas. Spoil yourself with this luxury product for an affordable price.

The candles are 100% pure soy candles. No additives, chemicals or colors, just pure soy wax to ensure a rich, healthy, responsible and beautiful scent in your home.

They use the best Fragrance oils that have been specifically designed for soy candles.