The Best True Crime Podcasts

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For anyone who knows me, I am absolutely obsessed with anything and everything true crime. I always tell Chance that I should have been a forensic scientist because 1. I love science and 2. I love crime so it should have been the obvious choice. I am not one of the recent “bandwagon” true crime junkies - no, I have been watching Investigation Discovery since I was 15 or 16 (over 10+ years now) with my dad who turned me onto shows like 48 Hours and Forensic Files.

For all of you that just got turned onto true crime, you are in luck! Not only have the television series improved, but you can literally listen to true crime all day, every day with the amount of content that is pumped out thanks to podcasts. I’ve noticed a lot of my friends getting into true crime and tons of you have asked what the best ways to get your fix are, so I am sharing my top true crime podcasts with y’all today!

These have been around for years, with the exception of my newly discovered Canadian True Crime podcast, so you should be set for a while. These are in no particular order, but I will say each host offers a different story telling style so if you don’t like one, definitely check out the others because I’m confident you find something you like below.

1. Casefiles

2. True Crime Garage

3. Sword & Scale

4. Canadian True Crime

5. Lore

6. The Vanished

7. Unsolved Murders

You can listen to these anywhere you listen to podcasts, but I typically listen on my Apple Podcast app or Spotify!