The Best True Crime Podcasts

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For anyone who knows me, I am absolutely obsessed with anything and everything true crime. I always tell Chance that I should have been a forensic scientist because 1. I love science and 2. I love crime so it should have been the obvious choice. I am not one of the recent “bandwagon” true crime junkies - no, I have been watching Investigation Discovery since I was 15 or 16 (over 10+ years now) with my dad who turned me onto shows like 48 Hours and Forensic Files.

For all of you that just got turned onto true crime, you are in luck! Not only have the television series improved, but you can literally listen to true crime all day, every day with the amount of content that is pumped out thanks to podcasts. I’ve noticed a lot of my friends getting into true crime and tons of you have asked what the best ways to get your fix are, so I am sharing my top true crime podcasts with y’all today!

These have been around for years, with the exception of my newly discovered Canadian True Crime podcast, so you should be set for a while. These are in no particular order, but I will say each host offers a different story telling style so if you don’t like one, definitely check out the others because I’m confident you find something you like below.

1. Casefiles

2. True Crime Garage

3. Sword & Scale

4. Canadian True Crime

5. Lore

6. The Vanished

7. Unsolved Murders

You can listen to these anywhere you listen to podcasts, but I typically listen on my Apple Podcast app or Spotify!

Easy, Affordable Master Closet Renovation

Easy & Affordable Master Closet Remodel via Chaos With Coffee

You’ve probably heard me talk about our master closet for weeks now on Instagram, but WHAT AN UPGRADE! Funny story, we actually weren’t planning to redo our master closet but when they came to do the floors Chance went into major home renovation mode and the next thing I knew our closet was completely ripped out and we needed a solution FAST.

We lived without a closet for almost 3 months! I didn’t even start planning until almost month after Chance removed it, but I have to tell y’all this was definitely one of THE BEST spontaneous decisions we have ever made. PLUS, this CUSTOM CLOSET was designed completely by ME and it was affordable and SUPER EASY to install!

I designed the closet using the Home Depot Closet tool by Martha Stewart and it was WAY easier than I expected. All I had to do was measure the dimensions and input them into the system, then the closet tool spit out a recommendation and I was able to customize it by adding drawers, shoe racks, etc. I just want to call out that I did a lot of research before going with this option. Home Depot has more tools that allow you to build a closet, but this one was the easiest to use and the most affordable. I also explored having someone come in for a consultation, but even that seemed so daunting and I was afraid they’d come back with a price that was way over my budget. I liked this tool because you gives you transparency into how much it’s going to cost, although keep in mind it doesn’t include shipping and that was almost $500+.

The great part about this closet system is that it’s totally customizable so when it arrived and I started putting it together, I changed my mind on the configuration and shifted things around. You can adjust all of the shelves and racks at any given time and it’s super easy to do.

Hardest Part

The most difficult part was hanging the rack that holds the units to the wall. If I can do it anyone can do it. But I didn’t have a stud finder so I was using my hand to knock on the wall to find the studs, which resulted in more work. Having a leveler is KEY to this project - I basically had it resting on the rack the entire time I was installing it so if you chose this route, by all means invest in a leveler if you don’t have one. I’ll even link one for you right here it’s less than $7.

It was much easier than I expected!


My Closet Inspiration


My Custom Closet Design

Left Wall

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 4.18.14 PM.png

Back Wall

Right Wall

I ended up putting the shoe racks on the left and right walls instead of the back wall because it began to feel too clutter with so many clothes hanging right as you walk in. Another major reason I would recommend this unit! You might start putting it together and decide to change things once you see how everything fits. We have double racks on the left and right sides of the back wall now, which works much better.

Bringing My Design To Life

The first photo is from the listing when bought the house, I hated the closet so much that I never any other pics of it until we started ripping the carpet and shelves out. Scroll down for the rest of the before/after photos.


Before & After


I am super thrilled with how the closet turned out! As I mentioned, what I love most about this is that it’s completely customizable and I can move things around as needed whenever I want, which is extremely important if you change wardrobes often or switch things out by season. I ended up with extra shelves and racks as well so there’s so many options for adjusting as needed.

How To Paint A Metal Front Door


When we moved in, one of the things I wanted to do was replace our door - not just because I don’t like it, but because it wasn’t even installed properly in the first place and always has to be deadbolted. I really wanted a entirely new door because ours is metal and I would love to have a wooden door, but after doing some research it was more expensive than I anticipated so I decided to focus on other projects and just save this for another day. That said, I started to consider painting it and was able to do enough research around painting a metal door that I felt pretty confident in doing so! My best friend Chrissy, who’s a realtor and has a contractor husband, gave me some tips and quickly convinced me in like 5 minutes to just pull the trigger and paint it, so VOILA! We now have a coral-colored front door and it was SOOOOO easy!

The most important piece is the prep, I used a kitchen degreaser to clean the whole door and then tapped up everything with painters tape before I started spray painting. I went with Krylon spray paint because it goes on really smooth and is a paint+primer for metal surfaces. The whole process probably took me less than 30 minutes, which is super exciting because this basically means I can change our front door as many times as I want if I ever get tired of the color.

So, don’t be afraid to paint that metal front door! I think the pop of color really makes our house and I’m so please with the result! Hope you enjoyed the quick tips! 


5 Ways To Use Chalk Paint

Many of you have seen some of my chalk projects and asked questions about how to use, when to use it and more. I wanted to share some different ways you can use the paint as well as some of the ways I have used it in my own home. I hope this gives you all some inspiration to knock out any of the paint projects you've been dreading or holding out on.

I use Annie Sloan Chalk paint and Annie Sloan wax for my projects. You can usually find them at a local stockist, such as Thrill of the Hunt in Ashland, Virginia or Knot Too Shabby in Beacon, NY. Find your nearest stockist by searching the Annie Sloan site here, or if you don't have stockist near you, you can shop her products through my affiliate links below:


Buy Pure White Chalk Paint (use on kitchen cabinets below)

Buy Graphite Chalk Paint (used on stair railings below)

Buy Provence Chalk Paint (used on hutch below)

Clear Wax

Dark Wax

White Wax

Paint & Wax Brush

Alt. Brush Set of 3

/  /  / 


Most of you probably saw that we had our floors redone, but usually, contractors leave out the railings because you're better off just replacing them since they are nearly impossible and too intricate to sand - so I opted to chalk paint ours! It was in perfectly fine shape but just needed to match the rest of the house. I got the idea from my mother-in-law, who has her stair railing painted black and it looks gorgeous! I went with Annie Sloan Graphite chalk paint and used black wax to get it nearly black.




If you've been following my blog for a while, then you know I recently redid our kitchen cabinets using chalk paint. Before knocking out this big project, I did tons of research on latex paint vs. chalk paint and ultimately ended up going with the chalk paint because it takes WAY less prep, it's easy to work with, and it fills in the grooves of the oak without having to sand everything down. You can read more on how I redid the cabinets here and here.



When we first moved into our house, the mantle and trim of the fireplace was a blonde colored wood - very 90's/early 2000's and we knew we had to change it since we were having the floors redone. First, I tried painting it white and several months later after having the floors refinished, I switched it up and went with black. That's how easy chalk paint is to use AND the brush makes getting in all of the grooves of the wood so easy.



Furniture is SO easy to refresh with chalk paint. You can see my tutorial on this upcycled hutch here where I completely transformed this piece with chalk paint and some new hardware. 


I actually first heard about chalk paint from my mom, who refinished furniture and designs light fixtures over at Suzanne Parr Home. She's the chalk paint pro and even came to New York to help me finish painting and clear wax the kitchen cabinets. She primarily uses chalk paint on metal for light fixtures! Another reason why chalk paint is so amazing - it's very versatile!


10 Shows You Need To Watch Now

Top 10 Shows via Chaos With Coffee

We've been working on the kitchen remodel and refinishing the floors, which inspired us to remodel our master closet as well. I was up all night researching and designing plans for the closet that I hope to build someday. This morning I woke up and revisited my plans to start working on Chance's side and pricing out the lumber we'd need and while doing this I discovered a great Hulu Original decided to share my top 10 "must see" shows as of lately. Enjoy this list and get to watching! 


1. The Sinner (Netflix & USA)

2. Castle Rock (Hulu, currently watching)

3. Pose (FX)

4. Mindhunter (Netflix)

5. Wild Wild Country (Netflix)

6. The People vs. O.J. Simpson (Netflix)

7. The Killing (Netflix, my all time fave!)

8. Bloodline (Netflix)

9. Rosedale (Netflix)

10. Slasher


Why You Shouldn't Buy Your Appliances Directly From Samsung

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**CONSUMER ALERT** I never post reviews like this, but wow, I don't remember the last time I was so exhausted I could hardly think by 6pm. I spent 6 hours today installing appliances - including basically taking apart the entire range and converting it with orifices...yes, orifices...who even knows what those are unless you do this for a living.

I was very excited and please with my big appliance purchase from Samsung's mobile app because they were very friendly when I spoke to them on the phone after I placed the order and they even had the delivery scheduled in less than a week - it seemed to good to be true, and trust me IT WAS. Let me be clear, Samsung's appliances are super nice and flashy, but NEVER and I repeat NEVER order any of their products directly from their website, mobile app, etc.!!!!! I'd heard horror stories from my best friend and co-worker, but lighting can't strike three times right?? WRONG, ohhh man was I wrong. Let's begin...

Several years ago, my very good friend and co-worker told me the story about how he purchased a Samsung TV from their website on Black Friday and when it arrived the screen was broken and it didn't work. He called customer support, but to his surprise they were useless and made it extremely difficult to return the item - SO extremely difficult that he ended up having to go through his credit card company to get a refund since Samsung refused to return the product - FYI this is because they use third-party shipping companies to deliver everything, which is a HUGE catastrophe...don't worry, if you aren't sold on their terrible customer service yet, it gets better.

About 3 years ago, my best friend ordered a TV from Samsung's website and guess what, they lost it! She too called their customer support and found them to be equally useless and they once again made it extremely difficult for her to get a refund or even a new TV shipped so she too had to go through her credit card company.

Fast forward to a few days ago. Samsung scheduled my delivery, they even emailed a checklist - YES, they emailed me a checklist that states, and I quote, "Our team will not leave until we've installed and tested each appliance. So, the delivery dudes show up and to my surprise, they tell me they can't disconnect my stuff and even if it I already had it disconnected, they wouldn't even install the appliances because they aren't licensed! EXCUSE ME?????? I'm sorry, do you think I know how to hook up my gas range and dishwasher??? I'm not a plumber nor do I know anything about how to hook up my gas range, which is why I carefully followed the checklist to make sure everything was in place and ready so YOU could take care of this for me...I mean Samsung appliances ARE NOT CHEAP, but they can't even help their customers out by ensuring they hire licensed professionals to install their appliances?? What a freaking joke.

I won't continue to keep ranting, but needless to say, it took us 6+ hours to install everything including multiple trips to Lowe's and YouTube tutorials. You can see below where we began installing everything, where I had to take a photo of the old range piece in order to have Lowe's provide me with new pieces for the range and at the very bottom, other pissed off people who have tried to order through Samsung. Someone needs to get in touch with them and inform them of their AWFUL customer service.

Rant over. Highly recommend going to Lowe's or Home Depot or anywhere else if you want Samsung appliances.


Refinishing The Hardwood Floors


Hey everyone! If you've been following along on Instagram then you are WELL aware that we have been under renovation for about 2 weeks now having all of the hardwood in our home refinished and we've even had them replace some of the carpet upstairs with hardwood in our master bedroom and one of the guest rooms.

I'm not going to lie, living in this type of renovation sucks because we've had to move everything out of the house - furniture, shoes, beds, etc. We don't have a single chair in our house right now and have been living out of hotels and Airbnbs, but it will be worth it when it's all said and done! For now, we only had them do 2 rooms upstairs so that we could at least stay partially in the house when we were able too, but we're going to have them come back in October (hopefully) to do the remaining 2 rooms upstairs (guest room + my office). I'm sure I've shared with you the awful carpet selection that the previous owners chose, literally every single room has different COLORED carpet except for the master - blue, green & red - it's hideous and not to mention quite disgusting since they weren't the cleanest.

Since this is the biggest project we’ve tackled since the kitchen renovation (learn how to chalk paint your cabinets here), I thought it would share the progress we’ve made and eventually I will actually share my pros, cons and tips/advice if your considering having your floors refinished or doing them yourself! For now, enjoy the before, during and current photos of our home under renovation.


And since the staining starts tomorrow, Winston and I have checked ourselves into the most adorable Airbnb in Montgomery, NY for the rest of the week! Stay tuned for the end result y’all!


Update: Kitchen Progress

Kitchen Update vis Chaos With Coffee

I realized the last time I shared a FULL kitchen update it was still in pretty rough shape - the cabinets needed more painting, hardware wasn't installed, tile wasn't finished etc. It really was more of a progress post vs. fully finished post. We still have a bit more work to do, but it's mostly just installing new appliances and then adding any other finishing touches we want, but the tile is done, the hardware has been installed and the paint is finally finished and sealed!

Check out the most recent progress we've made and stay tuned for another update coming soon when we get the new appliances next week! I literally went to Lowe's the other day just to play the floor model of the new fridge we ordered haha - can you tell I'm excited? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Kitchen Update via Chaos With Coffee
Kitchen Update via Chaos With Coffee
Kitchen Update via Chaos With Coffee

How To Keep Cool & Stay On Track With Your Health Goals

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Nestle Outshine via Chaos With Coffee

If you know me, you know that I kind of have an obsession with ice cream, but Chance and I are so dedicated to staying healthy and fit this year that I’ve had to re-think the ways I incorporate frozen snacks into my diet. Not only are we dedicated to staying healthy and fit, but since moving to upstate New York back in February, you can imagine we’ve continuously had friends and family visiting at least once a month, so we’re dedicated to staying on track throughout each visit.

I thought I would share my secret weapon for staying on track, while also entertaining guests, Nestle’s OUTSHINE® and Skinny Cow® frozen snack products, which I regularly keep in stock - especially now that it’s summer!  


We’re hosting Chance’s parents this weekend for his mom’s birthday since we won’t be able to make it back down to Virginia for the river trip they planned, but I wanted to celebrate with them so we stocked up in preparation!

I love the Skinny Cow® ice cream sandwiches and always serve those as an after dinner snack because they are full of protein, irresistible and totally guilt-free! The vanilla ice cream inside is so creamy and always satisfies my sweet tooth, plus who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches - especially when they are low-fat. I’m so excited to serve them this weekend because after a long day and hitting all of our favorite restaurants, it’s the perfect finale.

Now, the OUTSHINE® Fruit Bars are something else. I don’t keep these hidden away just for after-dinner snacks. I use them in my banana smoothies as a replacement for regular ice cubes, plus they give my boring bananas a little extra sweetness and variety since I’m huge on adding peanut butter or other ingredients - remember we’re thinking light and refreshing! To be honest, even after my evening workout, when I’m all sweaty and out of breath, instead of going straight for water with no subsistence, I’ll whip out fruit bar to get some calories back into my body and help cool me off before settling into the evening.

You’ll regularly find Winston and I sitting on the front porch after a long day cooling off with a refreshing fruit bar. Even though I work from home, it’s challenging getting him outside to run through all of his energy, so each evening we’ll sit outside and cool off OUTSHINE® as a healthy snack and toss the ball around before heading in for the night.

You can find OUTSHINE® and Skinny Cow® at your local Hannaford’s grocery store - FYI if you’re in Orange County there’s one in Middletown! Enjoy these refreshing frozen snacks and stick to your goals! 

#AnIceCreamForThat !



Billie: Is It Worth The Hype?


I can't be the only one who never seems to have a fresh razor when I need I most, right? As someone who does digital marketing for a living (a.k.a. building and analyzing Instagram/Facebook ads) I pay attention to almost every single that comes across my feeds, but almost never buy into anything - I pretty much just monitor to see what my competitors - but Billie totally sold me. 

An Instagram ad popped up on my feed and I literally bought it that instant. I wasn't even retargeted and served the ad multiple times, I saw it for the first time and thought, "Wow, finally a woman's razor subscription made by women, for women, AND with fun colors," so I clicked that CTA button to subscribe.

So, is it worth the $9.73/month? Absolutely, Billie is SO worth it! If you're like me, then before Billie came along, you would go to Target or Walmart or wherever and buy the non-brand "compare to Venus" razors that made your legs feel all silky smooth, those usually cost somewhere around $8 and you usually get maybe 3 razors, right? It's been so long I don't even remember anymore (haha), but anyways, so you would go to the store and then try to make your razors last as long as possible and then by the time you actually need a new razor you realize you don't have the time to run to the store or you keep forgetting or whatever, right? Well, that's how it was for me so subscribing to Billie has been a LIFE saver. 

First of all, the razors work great and make your legs feel super silky smooth - this is coming from a girl who shaves with soap and water you know they must be good if I'm not using shaving cream. I get 4 cartridges enough, and honestly during the first month I thought it wasn't going to be enough blades, but now I actually have a nice little repository of blades saved up in my bathroom - and I'm not even being sparing with them either! Plus, the send you this cool little "magic" holder to stick to the wall in your shower so your blade and the nice smooth lotion part doesn't get all gross and messed up - a.k.a. it lasts longer.

So, if you're like me then you should sign up for Billie. I don't have a promotion code to share with you all because I really just wanted to write this review and let you know my honest opinion so sorry, but this isn't sponsored and I can't help you get 10% off, but now you are super informed (right?!) and go off and make your own decision on whether or not you want to try it. The good news is that you can skip certain months or pause the subscription whenever you want!

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Cheers!

The Plan
The Subcription